Welcome to the Tivoli Fenland Web-Site

Working Together to Improve the Quality of Life for all Fenland Residents

Welcome to the Tivoli Fenland web-site. Here you will find information and news regarding horticultural maintenance across the Fenland District and how Tivoli and Fenland District Council are working in partnership to look after Fenlandโ€™s parks and open spaces.

You will also be able to contact us, rate our service, and find information about our grass cutting regimes in your area.

Fenlandโ€™s parks and open spaces are a key local asset providing benefits such as improved physical and mental health, strengthened communities and making Fenland a more attractive place.

Our main focus will be to deliver the right culture of continuous improvement, efficiencies, and value for money, together with a quality service of which all stakeholders can be proud.