Check Out New Web-site To See When Your Grass Will be Cut

Fenland residents can now check out exactly when the grass in their area is being cut, following the launch of a new website.

They can see details of the next cutting dates for specific locations on the site, which has been set up by Tivoli, Fenland District Council’s horticultural contractors.

The site,, will also provide up-to-date information on other services provided by Tivoli.

Its introduction is particularly timely because of the unusual weather conditions which have caused grass to grow particularly fast over the past few months.

Councillor Peter Murphy, the council’s Cabinet member responsible for the environment, said: “The combination of warm weather and lots of rain has meant the grass has been growing far faster than usual. The forecast suggests that is likely to continue.

“The Tivoli team have struggled to keep pace with these exceptional circumstances but they are working as hard as they can to catch up and then stay on top of things. This new website will enable people to see exactly where they’ll be operating and when.”

Tivoli is also adding six skilled seasonal operatives to its 18-strong team. This will provide an extra 270 working hours per week, including Saturdays.  In addition, more specialist cutting equipment is being shipped into the contract and efficiencies made by the management team.

The new website also sports a ‘How Are We Doing?’ section for local people to rate the services delivered and to leave any comments or suggestions, providing Tivoli and Fenland District Council with valuable insight into the whole grounds maintenance operation.

Phil Jones, Managing Director, Tivoli said: “We are very much hoping that the new web-site will be of value to both Fenland District Council and their stakeholders.   The additional transparency will encourage residents to take an increased interest in their local parks and open spaces installing a sense of civic pride and ownership.  It will also allow them to keep up to speed with our grass cutting regimes during the exceptional weather we are currently experiencing.  Fenland’s parks and open spaces are a key local asset and it is important that local people and visitors are able to have access to the services provided which help make Fenland a more attractive place to live, work and visit.”